《Terra Sensus》画册
In her new "Terra sensus" project Olga Drob-Pervushina talks about the soil, one of the elements, the substances, the fundamental principles of everything.
在她的新"Terra sensus"项目中,Olga Drob-Pervushina 谈到了土壤、元素之一、物质以及一切的基本原理。
Methodology of creating this art is appropriate: a synthesis of elements (almost randomness) and creative intuition (the ability to grasp randomness).
Multiple paint layers, applied in various ways, were ruthlessly washed off, peeled off, overlapped. Images, subjective projections of various parts of the planet, that turned out to be important for the artist, appeared in these layers.
以各种方式施加的多个油漆层被无情地洗掉、剥落、重叠。 图像,对地球各个部分的主观预测,结果证明对艺术家很重要,出现在这些层中。
They also include a handful of Earth itself: each work contains true soil of those places.